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Knickerbocker Auto Transportís Gap Insurance

Since the inception of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in 2000, Knickerbocker Auto Transport has kept detailed statistics regarding damage and safety claims industry-wide.

While we have noticed that most organizations do a stellar job concerning safety while on the road, when minor accidents happen and driver negligence causes damage to the transported vehicle, the statistics are less than impressive.

Many carriers realize it is very difficult to police damage claims and few customers are willing to go to court to resolve these issues. Some companies simply do not see the value in paying for a customerís repairs. Many will hide behind high insurance deductibles; others will claim the vehicle condition report was signed with no mention of the damages claimed; still others would rather go out of business than have to pay for repairs to significantly damaged vehicles they have transported.

That is why Knickerbocker Auto Transport is again leading the industry back to respectability and a level of professional standards not seen since the inception of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. While we already have lead the charge to introduce a rating system for carriers, standardized contracts and ďperform-byĒ contracts to ensure accountability to customers, we now feel it is in our best interests to introduce an added benefit for all customers of our Platinum and Premium Enclosed transports. At no additional cost to those customers, each Platinum & Premium Enclosed transport will include our industry leading Knickerbocker Auto Transportís Gap Insurance.

We require all our carriers to hold insurance and coverage for damage or loss throughout the transport. This coverage is included in all our transports, with exceptions noted in our terms and conditions.

For reasons noted above, it can sometimes become necessary for vehicle shippers to utilize their own funds to fix minor repairs or file a claim with their car insurance company. To all our customer of Platinum, Open transports or Premium, Enclosed transports, if you need to use your own personal insurance to cover damage or loss, we will pay up to $1000 towards your car insurance deductible. Knickerbocker Auto Transportís Gap Insurance also covers up to $350 in damages not noticed at the time of delivery. If after signing the carrierís bill of lading, the customer discovers damage within the next 48 hours, we will cover these claims, provided the carrier is uncooperative and damages can be substantiated. It is essential that all customers have personal vehicle insurance.


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